Exemplar Green Building - the new Greenshop eco-build is now complete and the official opening by Jonathon Porritt was in April 2008. The building is timber framed and super insulated, naturally ventilated and heated by solar and log boiler via underfloor heating.


Greenshop Group Products

Rainwater Harvesting
Rainharvesting Systems Ltd is the UK leader in rainwater harvesting systems and UK distributor for WISY equipment including high performance filters. For more information see: www.rainharvesting.co.uk
Natural Paints and Finishes

Greenshop eco-store and AURO UK supply natural paints and finishes. For more information see www.auro.co.uk and www.greenshop.co.uk/natural-paint-128/

Renewable Energy
Greenshop Solar installs solar hot water systems in Gloucestershire and surrounding counties. We are also the UK distributor for Consolar heat stores and solar collectors. We also supply and install PV systems and wind turbines. For more information see www.greenshopsolar.co.uk

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